Rivista di economica

Rivista di economica

Luca Gnan
Fascicolo IV-VI, 218 pages,
ISBN : 0035-6468
Langue : Italiano
Résumé :

Women in company ownership,
governance and management leadership positions : from doing to being

Women on boards in Italy
Magda Bianco - Angela Ciavarella - Rossella Signoretti

Broadening the view: dievrse types of entrepreneurs
Andrea D. Bührmann - Katrin Hanse

Gender diversity in the corporate boardroom : do women affect risk ?
Nadia Cosentino - Carmela Donato - Fabiola Montalto - Alessia Via

Women on Boards: Norway the example to follow
Alessandra d'Ambrosi - Luca Gnan

Women in bank boardrooms: Evidence from italian data
Silvia del Prete - Maria-Lucia Stefani

The role of women in the italian network of board of directors, 2003-2010
Carlo Grago - Francesco Millo - Roberto Ricciuti - Paolo Santella

The long and tough way of female talents towards the top : state of art, influence on practice and major challenges of gender business studies
Daniela Montemerolo



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